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At Sea and Wine we are passionate about helping you discover destinations and tours so that you plan your next travel adventure.

Starting as a “Bucket List” blog, we aim to share destinations that we dream of visiting one day.

Who We Are

We are two sisters from Greece that love all things travel.


Hello, I’m Catherine.  By day I’m an Executive Assistant and in my free time I love exploring the globe, virtually for now.  I’m married and a feather mom to 12 budgies.


Hi, I’m Christina. By day I work as a Manager at a local Super Market.  I love travel and look forward to exploring the destinations we write about on this blog.  I’m also a mom to two boys that I hope to pass my love for travel to.

Together, we will grow and enrich this blog with wonderful and inspirational posts to help you plan and book your next travel adventure.

Thank you for supporting our mission.

Happy Travels