10 Best Christmas Destinations In The USA

Planning a family vacation for Christmas? We have gathered a list of the 10 Best Christmas destinations for you and your family to visit. Going on a family vacation is the most exciting adventure, especially during Christmas.

santa claus sitting beside lit tree

The prime time of Christmas, December, is the best season to plan your family vacation. Many destinations offer special discount events during this happy season which mainly includes outdoor events, activities, and sleigh rides. Besides celebrating this Christmas season at home, Chocolate theme resorts, parks, and towns are looking out for you.

Many destinations in the US celebrate this magical time of the year with marvelous scenery, sunny shores, and beautiful festive sheers. Santa Claus towns are the most attractive and fun places for Christians. Even the small towns come up with exciting decorations, charming festive gatherings, and cheerful celebrations. Hanging lights, Christmas tree lobbies, and rinks for ice skating are the features which you will see on every shop front and every corner. 

Take a tour of McAdenville Christmas Town USA, North Carolina

The town brings up whole new festive celebrations every year. In the regard to Christmas, this town in December is called Christmas Town. There are many special offers, free festive items, and discounts for attendees. Christmas trees, hanging lights, chocolates, cakes, and corns become the norm in this town every year.

Crowd of many people entertaining near Christmas cafe decorated with shiny baubles and glowing garland

You can be in the first 1000 attendees to get the free kettle corn and hot chocolate. But you should be ready for the traffic issues there.

Visit the National Christmas tree, Washington D.C.

The most gigantic and traditional Christmas you will ever see is near the White House. There is a traditional celebration along with the pop-singers, spectacular trees, lighting, and handmade items for the lovers of Christmas.

2019 National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony | Image source: Flickr

One thing that is adorable there is if you will miss the opening ceremony of the whole festival, no need to be sad about this. You can still enjoy and see the Christmas tree, and musical performance till the start of January.

To get a new experience of Christmas trees, you can go to nearby markets, Zoo, Capitol Christmas tree, Botanic Garden, and Union Station which will help you in your spirits for this sacred holiday. 

Explore Hershey, Pennsylvania

The chocolate world is waiting for you in Hershey’s Candy Lane. What could be a better way than this to celebrate the holiday festivities? The Candy lane at Hershey offers the best-ever chocolates along with the rides, Santa, and twinkling lights.

Christmas Candy Lane at Hershey Park | Image Source: Art Straub | Flickr

This chocolate-filled park is sparkling with 5 Million lights or more in the merry season to give amusement to its visitors. If you are a chocolate lover, you must visit this park to give yourself and your family a treat. This season comes with discounts, offers, and, much more in all over the USA.

Take a Ride towards Woodstock, Vermont

The mixture of trendy and traditional Christmas celebrations at Woodstock is awaiting you. The snow-dusty lights, Pine wafting, decorated bridges, riders, horses, and carolers are here to make your holiday memorable. The parade is being held there with 50 horse riders costumed in Christmas dresses.

Traditional touch of Norse culture is given by starting the season with Wassail Weekend. Wagons, sleigh rides, and old-big feasts around the Christmas tree are adding value to this mesmerizing festive celebration. 

You will see the local shops opening late at night with the hanging lights and traditional ornaments in their windows. The celebrations here will give you a whole new lens to the festivals.

Arrange a Tour to Mackinac Island, Michigan

It is a small town with a lesser population than nearby towns. There is a traditional way to celebrate Christmas by arranging the bazaars featuring the local color lilac, unique ornaments, crafty items, and green-themed décor at every corner of the town. Santa makes an actual visit there and hears the cutest wishes from the children.

You can take the ride on horse and buggy with your family and friends. This is the only transportation available there as the new, trendy vehicles are banned there. If you are considering visiting there, it will be a lifetime experience.

Enjoy the holiday by touring Taos, New Mexico

If you’re looking for the Mexican touch for your Christmas celebration, Taos is a must-go place for you. You will find a spin on Mexican tradition by having the events, bonfires an annual Yuletide. The famous town, Ski, is holding an annual event along with a holiday, festivity markets, outdoor activities, and much more. This holiday experience will be unique and amusing for the new visitors outside the town.

Los Matachines Dance in Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo | Image Source: Larry Lamsa, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

As it is a small location, you will not find any transportation and traffic issues there. It is an easy-to-go and affordable place especially if you are with your family.

Add Andalusia in Alabama to the bucket list

Take your car and turn towards the south for enjoying the Snow-show, horse riding, and Santa show. Andalusia is welcoming you there with open arms and warm greetings.

Andalusia Court Square Christmas Tree | Image Source: Jimmy Emmerson / Flickr

You will be charged some fee for your ticked activities like horse-carriage and train. Otherwise, there will be no entrance fee and nothing else. These festivities are held for the whole month of December so you can make your holiday calendar according to your own comfort. 

Take a trip To Snow-Globe, Leavenworth, Washington State

Get up and take your family to a Snow-globe town, Leavenworth. The downtown of Leavenworth is sparkling every year with Christmas-themed lights, decorations, fireworks, and much more! However, there won’t be any official revealing festival.

The magical backdrop will be perfect for capturing your memorable moments, and photography. The hotels, restaurants, and resorts will make your holiday more amusing and exciting. You will get through the traffic routes easily.

Durango, Colorado

The Christmas town offers to ride the train, hot chocolates, magical events, night gatherings, and much more! You will get enthusiastic boarding and skiing some miles away from there. The famous Polar Express town is there to host you.

The western side of the town will give you a ride to Santa for a local event there. It is basically located around the four corners where all the famous and historical places meet. This means you will get the fanatical backdrop for your photography and pleasuring.

Take part in the Christmas Contest at Nantucket, Massachusetts

The games and competitions are the best ways to enjoy the Christmas holidays with your family and friends. These fun-giving competitions take the spirits of the holiday to an upper level, starting with the Tree Lighting Ceremony towards the end of November.

Nantucket Christmas Stroll | Image Source: MOTT / Flickr

At Nantucket Noel, you will be able to take part in the contest which includes the Ugly Sweater Contest, and the Letters To Santa workshop. Other contests are the decorations of shopfronts of the town which is a lovely Christmas Stroll. You will get the memorable ceremony of tree lightning there.


Whichever destination in the USA you choose to visit, you will find every place, town, and city unique and full of traditional celebrations.

Each place will give you a new bit of happiness and excitement.  Celebrating Christmas at home is good but exploring different destinations during this festive month will add spice to your Christmas celebrations.

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Start Planning Your Trip

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But with so many options throughout this great continent, you’ll certainly have no problem finding places to go and activities to enjoy during your trip there.

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