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10 Best Things To Do In Miami

This magical city has enchanting and glamorizing beaches, theme parks, and museums with a calmer and peaceful environment. The glamorization of culture and tradition in Miami has a spell-bounding impact on tourists. It is the best destination for surfing, swimming, and beach activities. The city has the whole package: museums, shopping malls, pet shops, salsa dance, walking trips, camping, and much more!

The city is popular for its non-stop nightlife and Art Deco architecture. Every visitor is amazed by its pristine beaches, sunny and fantastic weather, skyline, and trendy seven-star hotels.

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Best Things To Do In Miami

Here are the adventurous things you can do on your tour while staying in the magical city of Miami:

Explore the Everglades National Park by airboat

To see wildlife closely, take a ride on an airboat for a mesmerizing and adventurous experience. The famous inhabitants, alligators, are looking to sneak up on you to keep your journey more exciting. You will remember this tour your whole life as there is no other way to see so many legendary animals this close.

owl at everglades national park
White Swan on Water at the everglades national park

Be sure to take necessary food, water, sunglasses, and hats along the tour with you. This tour will be a one-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Are you ready?

Join the bike tour to explore South Beach

Join a bike tour from a local tourist company and have fun on two wheels. Your loved ones will enjoy this thrilling and energetic experience of exploring the district’s Art Deco, swimming along Nikki Beach, and many more activities.

miami bicyle tour

At this rally, you can do Snorkeling and other water sports on the beach. If you want more chills and thrills, go with your loved ones and discover the hidden gems and houses nearby Southern Beach.

Discover Underwater paradise

In this dazzling city of Miami, try and discover new adventures. Explore the Key National Marine Sanctuary to experience underwater marine life. Bring along your underwater camera or rent one from the nearest shops to capture the beautiful scenic moments of tropical fish around the coral reefs.

school of fish on corals at Miami

The art museum is ideal for discovering this underwater paradise and getting a unique swimming experience.

Get a scenic seaplane ride

In Miami, new adventurous activities are waiting to take you into another world at every corner. Take a shotgun ride on a seaplane to tour Miami from the upper side of the coastline. In this ride, you will get stunning and enchanting views from the top of the plane. Get your family ready, fly over Biscayne Bay, Atlantic Coastline, and fanatical beaches, and then land on a beautiful panoramic destination. You will see the world from a unique angle, making lifetime memories.

seaplane ride in miami
aerial view of miami by seaplane

You can visit the nearest restaurants and coffee shops by arriving early at the take-off spot and getting the best out of your tour.

Rent A Flyboard

Are you a watersports lover? If yes, then the flyboard ride is definitely for you. While visiting Miami, rent a flyboard and become a flying superhero. Miami’s beautiful water currents will take the best of you in this ride. You can try the Dolphin Dive if you are a good swimmer and can handle the water tides. But, this will be worth your time and such an amazing experience.

flyboard in miami

Soar the spectacular waterfronts and don’t let your fear get in the way. It is nothing but a beautiful, thrilling experience. You can also enjoy swimming, boogie boarding, and Snorkeling alongside the beach.

Experience an exhilarating boat ride

Get ready to indulge in a true Miami Vice style with a thrilling ride on a boat. It is not a simple boat ride; it is an exhilarating high-octane boat ride on the beach. There are many tours to choose from and for all the times of the day. If you are the romantic type, try the sunset and/or the night tour!

boat ride in miami

If you are more of the adventurous type, then you should definitely try the adrenaline-pumping Thriller Miami Speedboat tours!

Visit the Vizcaya Gardens and Museums

If you are looking for some historical and architectural insight view of Miami, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is worth mentioning. It is an ideal place for cultural buffers who want to know the exciting historical events behind this majestical city.

Villa Vizcaya | Image Source: Averette, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The building for the museum and gardens will take you into the Italian-French Renaissance period, surrounded by luxurious and captivating greenery. This picturesque building will give you a scenic backdrop for your album photography. You can visit nearby markets, resorts and restaurants to get the wholesome vibes of the surroundings.

Take a tour of the Miami Seaquarium

This aquarium is the best in Miami, showcasing the sea life of inhabitants like penguins, turtles and an impressive sea lion. This aquarium will give you a calmer and idyllic vibe due to its unique display of the animals and their activities.

Miami Seaquarium_whales
Miami Seaquarium | Image Source: LEONARDO DASILVA on Flickr

If you want more engagement during this tour, get your tickets and swim with the dolphins in this aquarium. Outside the aquarium, you can find some of the best places to have something to eat.

Hop on board a Paddle Pub

Miami and waterways go hand-in-hand. So, if you’re looking for a beautiful and calm ride with some drinks along the water, pack your bags and go towards the Paddle Pub boat party. You will see some of the famous and popular views, and buildings.

You can extend your social circle by making new friends on the ride. The ride will take you towards the Southern beach at night time for a memorable nighttime experience. Paddling alongside the water during the day and then a night on the beach is a beautiful combo.

Have a drink at the Area 31 rooftop bar

Want to escape from the busy roads of Miami? The vibrant and dazzling rooftop bar Area 31 on the 16th floor of the Epic Hotel. You can try some thirst quenching Cocktails and try delicious western and traditional dishes from the menu. If you’re planning a date with your loved one, make sure to book your table for the best romantic dinner over the skyline.

rea 31 Restaurant_Epic Hotel_Miami
Image Source: Area 31 website

You should try the tacos and ribeye from the menu. This rooftop bar will provide a personal space away from the crowds. The view of the Miami skyline is absolutely magnificent! 


Miami deserves to be explored in its entirety. Whether your stay is short or long, one thing is for sure; this city will captivate you. You will want to return and spend more time and each time will be just as magical. Above we have mentioned some of the best attractions in Miami to help you start planning your visit.

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