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10 Top Cities To Visit In Austria

Located in the heart of Europe, Austria is a mesmerizing small country with so much to offer. Enchanting views of mountains, landscapes, lakes, and grassland.

Exploring the historical and architectural sites, swimming in the clear blue water of lakes, and enjoying the food that gives your taste buds a new life are all part of Austria.

Austria is a small country, but there are many places to go in Austria, and narrowing down the top places to visit in Austria might be a bit tricky, so we have shortlisted them to help you select.

Here are the 10 Top Cities To Visit In Austria:


Vienna, which is the capital of Austria, is a must-go because it is home to some of the most famous tourist sites as it was the heart of the Habsburg empire.

You can admire its fantastic architecture by visiting the royal palaces such as Schönbrunn Palace and Belvedere Palace.

Vienna, the city of stately palaces and museums, the birthplace of opera and Beethoven, is immersed in culture and grandeur.

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A stroll through Vienna’s gorgeous Ringstrasse Boulevard, which is bordered by regal palaces such as the Hofburg Imperial Palace and numerous lovely parks, is a terrific way to let the charm of Vienna bloom on you.

While in Vienna, one must be the thing to do to enjoy a coffee in any cafe.

Bad Gastein

Bad Gastein is a famous tourist spot. It is famous for one reason: its natural spring water is known to relieve many problems related to different systems of the body, and many spas and thermal baths offer their services in Bad Gastein.

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Bad Gastein is located in the High Tauren mountains and is surrounded by nature of beautiful forests and mountains. The Bad Gastein water flow is a must-see spot as it runs through the middle of the town.

Besides the spring water, Bad Gastein is famous for its beautiful landscapes and architecture.

The Grand de l’Europe Hotel is one of the most critical structures in the neighborhood. This hotel is 11 stories high and was built between 1906 and 1909.


Despite being Austria’s second-biggest city, Graz is a place that many visitors overlook. But there’s a lot to see and do in this ancient cultural center in Austria’s southeast.

The most recognizable feature in Graz is the emblematic Uhrturm clock tower, which looks over the city from Schlossberg, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the city.

Graz old town

Graz’s UNESCO-listed old town is located in the city’s center and is filled with Renaissance and Baroque buildings centered around Hauptplatz.

The Burg castle‘s unique double spiral staircase, the remarkable collection within the Styrian Armoury Museum, and Emperor Ferdinand II’s Mausoleum near Graz Cathedral are other noteworthy sights in town.


This city is home to blue water lakes, mountains, and breathtaking towns and is one of the most famous tourist destinations.

hallstatt salzkammergut austria

It is a must-see place in Austria, many photographers visit this city every year. The reason is obvious and immediately noticeable, as it is the home of Hallstatt.

The mountainous view will seem like you are in another world. You can take the Hallstatt railway to get to the town’s best spots.


The Worthersee, Austria’s largest lake, is located in the country’s south, at the foot of the Gurktal Alps and the Karawanks mountain range.

There are several activities to do in Worthersee, such as swimming in the blue and crystal waters of the lake and hiking in the mountains surrounding it.

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There are also other outdoor activities you can do, such as horse riding and sunbathing along the shore of the lake.

Worthersee is another famous tourist destination and while there you can try out some food at the cafes while enjoying the nightlife. It is simply a complete package.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road

If you want to have a unique experience while in Austria, we suggest you go on a long drive on Grossglockner High Alpine Road, which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful roads in Europe.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road Austria
Grossglockner High Alpine Road | Image Source: Iamthestig, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Along the road, you can take in the fantastic scenery, and watch the beautiful view of the alps and mountains as you ride along.

This road will reach up to 2500 meters altitude with many bends.


Innsbruck, located in the nation’s west, is another prominent city in Austria that you should not miss.

Innsbruck, surrounded by the Alps, is a resort that mixes winter sports with historic imperial architecture.

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The magnificent Golden Top, the city’s most prominent symbol owing to golden tiles on its roof, is located in the city’s Former Town and is one of several excellent historic structures related to the old Habsburg monarchy.

Innsbruck’s Old Town also houses the beautiful Gothic Hofkirche and the old royal palace, Hofburg Palace.

Zell am See

Zell am See is a year-round resort that combines beautiful lakeside scenery with ski slopes. One of Austria’s top cities for outdoor sports, with access to both the lake and the mountains.

The most acceptable way to begin a visit to Zell am See is to stroll through the town and, in particular, along the town’s lovely lakeside esplanade.

zell am see resort

The various activities in Zell am See vary depending on the season.

In the winter, the lake freezes over and becomes perfect for ice skating, while the ski lifts transport visitors to the adjacent Schmittenhöhe Mountain’s slopes.


Salzburg, Austria’s fourth-largest city and the famed birthplace of Mozart, is located in central Austria. It’s easy to understand how this city influenced the great composer.

The town is genuinely beautiful, sprawling along the Salzach River against a backdrop of spectacular Alpine landscape.

salzburg old town austria

The historic Hohensalzburg Fortress, which rises high atop the Festungsberg hill overlooking the city, adds to the city’s spectacular skyline.

You may either hike upwards for 20 minutes or use the funicular, which takes only one minute to reach the summit.


The little town of Dürnstein, located on the Danube River in the Wachau Valley wine area, is one of Austria’s most picture-perfect destinations to visit.

Given that various vineyards along the river produce the famed Riesling and Grüner Veltliner grapes, it is also a destination for wine lovers.

Durnstein austria

The remains of the ancient Dürnstein Castle, perched high on a rocky slope above the town, are steeped in history.

During the Third Crusade, Duke Leopold V held Richard I of England hostage at this location in 1193. The castle may be visited on foot around 20 minutes from the town center.

10 Top Cities To Visit In Austria

Here you have 10 of the best cities and towns to visit in Austria. We hope that this has helped you start planning your vacation to beautiful Austria.

Which of the above places are you most excited to visit?

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