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10 Fun Places To Go With Your Family In California

California is the most populous state and the third largest land area in the United States. It has been given nicknames like “The Golden State” and “The American Riviera”.

Tourists flock to California from all over the US. It might be famous for its glamorous pristine beaches and celebrity homes, but there’s much more to enjoy if you look beneath the surface.

The Golden State is home to sandy beaches, stunning dunes, historical landmarks, national parks, and wine country, ensuring there is never a dull moment.

California is the perfect destination for people who love outdoor activities.

California is so diversified; you may wonder how to fit all the best destinations in a single trip. Here are some tips for planning your vacation—whether it’s your first time or you’ve visited the golden state before.

10 best and fun things to do in California

California is an amazing place with a lot of fun activities to offer. It would be hard to name all the things one could do in California, but here are 10 of our favorites.

Explore Yosemite National Park

The magnificent greener landscape, enchanting waterfalls, and granite peaks in Yosemite National Park leave the tourists spellbound. For outdoor destinations, this 760000-acre park should be your utmost priority.

Yosemite Waterfall

On this tour, you can plan your picnic on the iconic Glacier Point, Tunnel view, and Mist Trail. You can explore the nearest resorts to stay in and restaurants for dining.

You can consider going to only a luxurious hotel, Ahwahnee. You can do camping around the parks by renting out tents and gear from the nearest store.

Visit San Francisco

The tour to California is incomplete without exploring the picturesque bayfront, Victorian-themed homes, and towering hills of San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge San Fransisco
Golden Gate Bridge – San Fransisco

This foodie city is set to serve its tourists delicious western and traditional dishes on the menu. Michelin-starred restaurants are worth mentioning.

Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons are the best destinations for stay-in. You can plan your visit to Land’s End and Muir National Monument for outdoor activities.

Plan a trip to Disneyland

Not visiting Disneyland in Anaheim, California, is an unfair game with your children.

Disneyland serves the best and most luxurious cuisine, idyllic accommodation, fun games, rides and family-friendly activities.

Sleeping Beauty Castle_Disneyland Anaheim, California
Sleeping Beauty Castle_Disneyland Anaheim, California | Image Source: HarshLight on Flickr

It amazes the tourists with the inner train ride, jungle cruises, and haunted houses, which will be the family’s favorite in no time.

You can explore children’s paradise by visiting cafes, emporiums, arcades and restaurants here in your leisure time with your family.

Enjoy Surf riding at Malibu Beach

On a visit to California, surf riding at Malibu Beach is a dream for every water-sports lover.

Riding along the water currents and tides is a fun and thrilling activity to be experienced here. Professional trainers help practice the stance mastering and weather wipeout before final boarding.

Malibu Beach Surfing

Rental shops are there, and you can rent the training equipment, swimming and surfing gear and swimming suite for a better experience.

Your family can participate in various activities on the beach to have fun and a chilling experience.

You will see shops, markets, and luxurious resorts along the coast.

Hop on Ferry in San Francisco

Riding out towards Alcatraz island on a ferry will give you an incredible experience.

You can explore landscapes and tourist destinations along the sideways of the island. Here you will be mesmerized by local house lighting and the marvelous military fortress of the past.

Alcatraz island San Fransisco
Alcatraz Island – San Fransisco

You will see the perfect natural peak on this island, and rare migratory birds are roaming all wound the place, which makes the view breathtaking.

The place will give you and your loved ones a monumental vibe with a peaceful environment.

Take a tour of Solvang

You will get the European vocational touch in this little, vibrant, colorful, quaint and attractive beauty of the Solvang Village.

Originating from Denmark, the village has so much fun-activities to do here. You will see the Danish architectural style of red-bricked buildings and sloped ceilings.

Top 10 Things to Do in Solvang, California

The museum here will give you a brief insight into this culture and tradition. You will get the mouth-watering taste of pastries and sausages here.

The village will take you back to the 18th century with its unique and beautiful attractions.

Take a Memorable ride toward Glass Beach

Glass Beach was originally a local dump site for glass and appliances (1949-1967). With time the ground and waves eroded the glass to this wonderful phenomenon of sea glass like rainbow-colored clear crystals and making multi-colored sea waves, a truly breathtaking view.

Glass Beach Fort Bragg, California

The water tides pouring sunlight on the glass will make an unbelievable scenic view. You can do various activities on the beach, like photography, swimming, and much more kid-friendly games.

Collection of glass has now become illegal so be mindful when visiting.

Have Fun at Balboa Fun Zone

Balboa Fun Zone Ferris Wheel is the best budget-friendly coastal amusement destination in California and is waiting for you in Newport Beach.

Balboa Fun Zone whale watching

The rides at this park will provide the best oceanic glittering view. You can enjoy bungee jumping, Ferris wheel ride, whale watching, and many more activities in the ocean harbor.

People of all ages will enjoy being in this park with carousels, arcade games, and the best shopping and dining experience. It has a lot of amusing activities to offer on a wallet-friendly budget.

Visit Death Valley National Park

On this visit, you’ll explore North America’s hottest and driest land in one place.

Many international flights will take you here, and then you’ll meet with the wildest trekking path on the deserts landscape along with pastoral colored hills, sand dunes, and a 9-miles paved track road, which will lock in your memory forever.

death valley national park california

For stay-in, you can do camping at various campgrounds and The Oasis at Death Valley for a peaceful visit.

Discover Universal Studios Hollywood

The most popular and iconic universal studio with Hollywood-themed fiction like King Kong and Harry Potter can be found at this theme park.

Universal Studios Hollywood California

It is a fictional world that will lure you into the Hollywood world from running away from Zombies to cuddling with Kung-fu Pandas.

You can enjoy roller coaster rides, studio tours, motion simulators, and games. There are many hotels and dining restaurants nearby.

Fun Places To Go With Your Family In California: End-Note

There you have it! 10 Fun places to visit in California! We hope this short list has helped you start planning your visit. Pack your bags and take your family into California’s magical, passionate and historical world to make memorable moments.

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