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Top 10 Fun Things To Do Hutchinson, Kansas

Do you want to visit a place to get your pulse racing and make your day? Then Hutchinson is the place for you. If you’ve ever been to, or even just driven through, Hutchinson, you know how fun and full of life it is.

Hutchinson is a city filled with fun things to do. You will always find activities and events happening that you can enjoy and immerse yourself in. You will find everything in Hutchinson, whether it be movies, games, festivals, or some other activities.

During your visit to Hutchinson, you’re sure to discover something new and intriguing, whether you’re seeking for things to do or wish to work while being surrounded by nature.

Top 10 Fun Things To Do Hutchinson, Kansas

In this guide, you will find the top ten fun things that should be on your shortlist when visiting Hutchinson.

Explore the Salt Mine Museum, Strataca

The Strataca Salt Mine Museum is an amazing place to explore, as it has many different activities that visitors can participate in and seasonal events happening throughout the year.

For example, there is a movie theater where they show documentaries about the mining process.

Salt Mine Museum Strataca Hutchinson, Kansas
Image Source: Wljacks5, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There are also mini-golf courses where kids can play some video games while learning about mining history at the same time!

You can also go into their store where they sell souvenirs like magnets and postcards with photos from inside the mine itself!

If you plan on visiting, make sure you make your reservation as walk ins are not guaranteed.

Visit a Scenic Walking Area, Sand Hills State Park

Sand Hills State Park is a great place to explore the outdoors. It’s located in the heart of Kansas and has an array of activities that will keep you busy for hours.

You can avail of Hiking trails at the park. These include the Sand Hills Nature Trail, the Mill Creek Trail, and the Devil’s Playground Trail.

sand hills state park hutchinson kansas

This area also consists of a paved trail that winds through sand hills with an opportunity to view wildlife such as elk and bison and birds such as hawks and owls.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try out one of the other activities offered at Sand Hills State Park: fishing or canoeing on Lake Sandhill or boating on Lake Joe Nergard.

Enjoy Nature and Wildlife at Dillon Nature Center

Dillon Nature Center offers plenty of activities to keep you busy. You can go on hikes, take a nature-themed tour, or try your hand at bird watching.

Nature trips, which concentrate on regional plants and animals, will provide you the chance to learn about the natural world.

Dillon Nature Center hutchinson kansas

On guided birding excursions, you can also try your hand at catching a glimpse of some of these animals.

This is a fantastic site to go to if you want to learn more about nature!

Spend a day at Hutchinson Zoo

If you’re looking for a fun activity, consider visiting the Hutchinson Zoo.

More than 200 distinct animal species, including more than 40 different kinds of snakes, as well as a range of birds and mammals, can be found at the zoo.

Hutchinson Zoo

Visitors can see their favorite animals up close or even feed them if they want to get up close and personal with them.

Plenty of educational programs at the zoo teach children about animal conservation while enjoying a fun day out with family and friends!

Visit the Alley of Hutchinson

The Alley of Hutchinson is an indoor activities venue. 

You will find that they offer Bowling, Laser Tag, Bumper Cars, Arcades, and organized leagues for adults and youths.

Alley of Hutchinson

To take a rest, you can head over to AJ’s Sports Grill where you will find pizza, burgers, wings, and fresh salads, along with the best seats for you to watch your favorite team.

Take a Trip to Extreme Crossfire Paintball Park

The Extreme Crossfire Paintball Park is only a short drive from Hutchison and provides paintball equipment rentals, games, and more.

This is the place to go if you’re looking for a fun game that will put both your talents and nerves to the test.

Extreme Crossfire Paintball Park, Hutchison Kansas

You’ll have the chance to compete against some of Hutchinson’s top players, and if you’d like, you can play with friends or family.

Visit the Bear Blessings Antiques

If you love antique shopping, you must check out Bear Blessings Antiques!

They’ve got everything from old books to vintage clothing, and if you’re looking for something unique, this is where you need to go.

old books, vintage collectables Bear Blessings Antiques

Not only can you find hidden treasures, but there’s also a coffee shop on site where you can relax after shopping or hanging out with friends before dinner.

Look into Smith’s Market

While in Hutchinson, you’ll want to check out Smith’s Market, a family-owned business established in 1933.

The market is situated on a busy street with plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars.

Smith's Market Hutchinson KS

The market offers several products and gift baskets.

Enjoy a true Cultural Event, Kansas State Fair

The Kansas State Fair is fantastic if that’s not your style.

Make sure to visit the Kansas State Fair website to see when the fair takes place, roughly once a year around September.

During the fair, they offer a wide selection of livestock shows. You will be able to see the Poultry and Pigeon Barn, the Sheep, Swine and Goat Facility, the Prairie Pavilion, and the Rabbit Barn.

Kansas State Fair

There are also several rides at the fair, including roller coasters and Ferris wheels. There’s something for everyone to enjoy here!

Spend a week at Salt City Splash Aquatic Center

The Salt City Splash Aquatic Center is one of the best places in Hutchinson for fun, family-friendly activities.

Whether you’re looking for a place to take the kids or want to try something new, this is the place. The pool is available to hire for gatherings and parties.

salt city splash aquatic center hutchinson ks

The saltwater pool has an area dedicated to kiddie pools, so if you want something low-key and safe for your little ones, this is the place.

It also has a room with water slides perfect for older kids who want to get their adrenaline pumping!

Top 10 Fun Things To Do Hutchinson, Kansas: Summary

Overall, Hutchinson is a fantastic destination!

There are numerous things to see and do in and around the city, whether you’re on vacation, just passing through, or seeking a new place to visit.

Scenery, history, and entertainment are all waiting for you in Hutchinson.

These are the most popular destinations if you’re looking for something to do, where to go, or what to see while in Hutchinson and hope we have shortlisted some activities for you so you can start planning your trip.

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