Eiffel Tower during night time

Top 10 Places to Visit in France

France not only has some of the world’s most beautiful wines and food, but it also has some of the most picturesque places.

There are endless scenes at l’Hexagone that will steal your breath away no matter where you go. There is more than enough to delight curious tourists, from rolling vineyards and tumbling valleys to towering dunes and picturesque towns.

Here is a list of the top 10 places to visit in France


Paris is a major European hub known for its refinement and joie de vivre, with architectural wonders such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Eiffel Tower during night time

The Louvre houses an extraordinary fine arts collection that reflects the city’s rich history, while the Musée d’Orsay houses gems of French Impressionist art.

Shopping at bookshops in the Latin Quarter, wandering the Champs-Elysées, and people-watching from a sidewalk café terrace on the Boulevard Saint-Germain-de-Prés are all must-do visitor activities.

Have a look at the Paris Tourist Office for more info.


Lyon is the capital of the Rhone department in the Rhone-Alpes region and is located in east-central France. Lyon, France’s third-biggest city, has a lengthy history and is noted for its ancient architecture, gastronomy, and dynamic cultural scene.

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Lyon is divided into nine arrondissements and several other neighbourhoods. Each district has its unique gems to discover. Presqu’île, for example, is the city’s core, with restaurants, pubs, and clubs, but Croix-Rousse is noted for its hundreds of tables or secret tunnels. The affluent suburb of Brotteaux has the gorgeous Tete d’Or park, while Fourvière is the location to explore Roman remains and Gothic churches.


After losing its dirty reputation, France’s oldest and second-largest city has transformed into an exciting, up-and-coming tourist attraction.

 The Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garden is one of the many things to see in the former European Capital of Culture. The Calanques’ rugged cliffs and isolated beaches are ideal for swimming, boating, and trekking when the weather permits. The Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée is a must-see for anybody visiting Marseille. Its rooftop patio provides the perfect vantage point from which to take in the city’s sights.


Strasbourg is the meeting place of France and Germany in perfect harmony. Strasbourg, the capital of the Alsace nation, is tracked downed on the border between the two countries. The European Parliament and several other major European institutions, such as the European Court of Human Rights and the Council of Europe, are based in Strasbourg.

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Grande Ile, the city’s historic core, is a must-see. The area provides several museums and spectacular sights, such as the beautiful Gothic church, which boasts pink sandstone, delicate carvings, and a 300-year-old operating astrological clock, among an assortment of both French and German architecture with signage in both dialects.


Let’s face it, a list of the top locations to visit in France wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Champagne’s birthplace. The Champagne area, located in northeastern France and about 1.5 hours from Paris, is a must-see for everyone who enjoys a glass of bubbly.

 It’s an incentive to visit the region to watch the sunset over the gorgeous rolling vineyards and dreamlike countryside. Those interested in sampling the fruits of the land might take a tour of one of the famed Champagne houses. And this will undoubtedly be a fantastic event – unless they choose to overindulge, of course!


Bordeaux, the headquarters of the Gironde department in southwestern France’s Aquitaine region, is widely regarded as one of the world’s major wine-growing areas, producing more than 800 million bottles of notable wine brands yearly.

Bordeaux is a large port city with great architecture, historic landmarks, and a world-class arts and cultural scene, all topped off with a laid back environment, built on the River Garonne, nearly half an hour inland from the Atlantic Ocean.

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The Pedestrian Zone in Bordeaux’s city center has around 350 historical monuments and sites, including medieval cathedrals, a Roman amphitheater, and attractive ancient bridges like the Ponte de Pierre.


Provence is one of the most beautiful and aromatic destinations to visit in France every summer, thanks to the seemingly endless ocean of lavender fields. During this season, the divinely perfumed crop may be seen practically everywhere.

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The Valensole Plateau

The Valensole Plateau, the Sault Plateau, and the Luberon Valley are some of the most attractive places to experience it. However, the flower fields around the Notre-Dame de Sénanque Abbey, however, are the ultimate postcard image. The majestic 12th-century church, nestled in the calm countryside near the town of Gordes, is engulfed in a sea of purple every June and July.


Imagine rolling hills wrapped in grapes that lead to small villages marvellously maintained in their medieval charms, and you’ll get a good idea of Burgundy, a gorgeous area in central-east France. Dijon, the central city of this fairy-tale province, is brimming with remembrances of the days when the Dukes of Bourgogne used to stay here.

Beaune, a walled hamlet, surrounded by vineyards, is also quite lovely, especially because wine tasting is the village’s main activity. The numerous châteaux and abbeys, the spectacular Morvan Regional Natural Park, and the region’s gastronomic charms cannot be overstated.

The Côte d’Azur

The Côte d’Azur, often known as the French Riviera, is a luxurious length of Mediterranean coastline famed for its deep turquoise seas. The skies are typically a captivating cerulean colour because of the bright weather in this part of southern France for much of the year, the skies generally are a gorgeous cerulean colour.

The temperature is excellent in the spring and fall, and the environment is quieter and more peaceful.

There is something for everyone in the Côte d’Azur. Nice is a great spot to relax, see museums, and stroll through cobblestone alleys and palm-lined boulevards. Several day trip destinations within a short drive of Nice, including magnificent seaside houses and world-class art institutions.


You’ll have to pick and choose what you want to visit unless you have weeks or months to spend in the picturesque Dordogne area in southern France. There’s a lot to see and do here, starting with picture-perfect villages and chateaus like the well-preserved Chateau de Beynac, a hilltop castle.

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The landscape is amazing with the Dordogne river running through it. The Dordogne also shows some of France’s most remarkable prehistoric cave art dominating the Lascaux walls.

Start Planning Your Trip To France

With so many places to explore in France, narrowing down an itinerary may seem daunting.

But with so many options throughout this great country, you’ll certainly have no problem finding places to go and activities to enjoy during your trip there.

Which of the above places are you most excited to visit?

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