Lake and Mountain

Top 10 Things To Do In Montana

If you are wandering to find the breathless outdoor beauty in America, Montana is there to welcome you. This fourth-largest state is a dream destination for wildlife lovers, writers, explorers, and adventurous people. The enthusiastic charm of Montana opens up new ways of adventure, like hiking, camping, trailing, and sporting.

To all history lovers, Montana has a great place to learn about the historical origin of its habitants and the regional wildlife. The most dominating thing in Montana is its adventurous outdoor places with unmatchable wildlife and vast and attractive landscapes. Due to its less density in population, it is the preferable place for tourists.

Montana is a place surrounded by vast regional dynamics making it difficult to visit every place in a short visit.

Visit the National Forests

The national treasure of Montana is its forests, which appeal to tourists with their trekking paths, Adventurous spots, and jumping sites. Seven great forests cover almost 20 acres of public land. You can visit any of these to experience the feel of mighty adventurous beauty. Flathead National Forest, Bitterroot National Forest, and Kootenai National Forest are some mention-worthy forests.

Lake and Mountain
Lake Como – Bitterroot National Forest

This level of proximity offers the residents and tourists access to the hotspots for adventures and recreation. These forests have mostly surrounded the cities and public lands, which make them within reach.

Swim in Lake Macdonald

Lake Macdonald is one of the spectacular and unique glacier features in Glacier National Park, which is covered by mountains from all sides. The most interesting and beneficial point is that the lake acts as a way of blocking rainwater in the valley of McDonald’s.

landscape photography of river surrounded by forest
Glacier National Park – Montana

If you are worried about the lake’s climate, here is your answer. The area has had mild climatic changes over time so that you can enjoy it without any disruption by natural weather. The weather is magical, offering the rainbow sometimes.

The lake is full of mystical happenings which compels the tourist attraction by the glassy water, beautiful backdrop of mountains and rocks having rainbow-color.

There were some past hardships in navigating the way to the lake. Now it is an easy go-through way for the tourists, which adds beauty to this fairly lake.

Explore the Museum of the Rockies

Do you want to know the history and origin of dinosaurs? Here the Museum of Rockies is to help you. The great research place in Montana is the Museum of Rockies which displays the fossils of dinosaurs and T-Rex along with other regional and national historical evidence. This museum is a complete historical guide about the origin of American Indians and Yellowstone Park. The praiseworthy and eye-catchy point is this museum has allotted a section for the younger children till 8 years where they can learn about the science of National Park.

black metal dinosaur inside museum surrounded with people during daytime
Inside the Museum | Image Source: PITT.DFB on Flickr

At least 3 or 4 exhibitions are arranged yearly for tourists and history lovers. Dinosaurs’ fossils draw huge attention from visitors and the cosmos shows. This recognized non-profitable institution helps visitors to explore the origin’s history through educational shows, insightful events, lectures, and planetarium camps.

Explore the Castle Town Ghost Town

The castle is located on private property, which is not in its heyday, but still, it is worth the visit.

Castle’s most famous resident was allegedly Calamity Jane or Martha Jane Cannary. After she lived a wild life in Deadwood, South Dakota for a while, rumor has it that she moved to Castle City and tried her hand at living an honest life. But eventually, the appeal of the wildlife called her back to Deadwood.

Ghost Town – Meagher, Montana

It has a history of survival and abandonment. The remains of the castle are there as proof. The remains of the furniture house, general store, and post office are there to give a complete insight into the lifestyle of that era. For your ease, June is the best time to visit the castle because of the magnificent wildflowers, sunlight, and clouds. Since the property is private permission is required if you would like to visit.

Visit the Capital – Helena

The capital city of Montana is the epitome of the Greek Renaissance period. This marvelous place represents the visuals of history, with compelling monuments at every corner of the town. The towns, buildings, and museums are springing up everywhere, giving a pleasurable and elegant impression to tourists.

brown and white concrete building under blue sky during daytime
Montana State Capitol

The fantastic backdrop there gives a new sight of happiness for photography lovers. The 75 miles long trails await you to take an adventurous path there. Start writing your own story by giving a different view of this historical and cultural place.

Check out the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center

Alongside the Missouri river, there is a big museum-type interpretive center. This center charges an entrance fee that differs with the age variation and honorary citizens. This great center has accessibility for weddings, personal events, birthdays or meetings, etc. You can plan your events there if you are on a long vacation.

Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center | Image Source: Road Travel America / Flickr

This center gives the full round-up of the story of the expedition of Lewis and Clarke with the available maps.

Explore the Western Heritage Centre

The cultural binge in Montana is the Western Heritage Center. It is a place to visit if you are fond of the cultural atmosphere. This center opens its arm with 1000 plus images of the cultural development in the region.

Western Heritage Center, Billings | Image Source: Ali Eminov / Flickr

The most endearing part of the center is its focus on the preservation of the cultural heritage of American Indians. If you plan to visit, you must check their lectures and workshops.

Visit Yellowstone National Park

The gateways in National Park on the two fronts are exciting places on their own. This Park welcomes tourists into an adventurous world spread over 2M acres. The West entrance will lead you into the geyser country, which has large worth-seeing places like Old Faithful.

Old Faithful Geyser

If you choose the path of the Northern entrance, then you will reach Boiling River for exploration. The terrace and the historical place in the Park add spark to the beauty of the Park.

Check out the Moss Mansion

The mansion has the feature to take you back to the old times. Stepping into the mansion brings down the memory of the past by having carpets of Persian times, unique draperies, and much more. Many seasonal events are held there, along with exhibitions and festivals.

Moss Mansion | Image Source: Ted McGrath / Flickr

The self-guided tours are available there, which help the tourists to explore the richness of the cultural history. This mansion dominates its surrounding with red-bricked stones in the building.

Get Entertained at The resort at paws-up

The Resort at Paws Up welcomes the tourists by offering dude ranches, a rare side of western culture. Late-night bonfires, horsing, and fishing are the attractive features of this resort.

The Resort at Paws Up | Image Source: Ranch Seeker / Flickr

Various activities are being held there for the amusement of tourists, like canoeing, snowshoeing, and backcountry tours. This resort gives one of the intimate, unreal, fanatical experiences you will get. It would be best if you did not miss any chance to be there to explore the western side of Montana.

Final Words

You should stop thinking now and must give a chance to this fairytale. The area surrounded by forests, mountains, and lakes is worth-visiting one. The specular wildlife animal, including the black bear, mule deer, and mountain goat, is looking forward to welcoming you. The mystical and magical towns, mountains, and landscapes in Montana, along with the low population, make it to visit the place.

Start Planning Your Trip to Montana

With so many places to visit, narrowing down an itinerary may seem daunting.

But with so many options throughout this great state, you’ll certainly have no problem finding places to go and activities to enjoy during your trip there.

Which of the above places are you most excited to visit?

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