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Top 10 Greek Islands To Visit

Greece is a beautiful country worth exploring. Its friendly people, environment, and vast range of travel destinations, mostly islands, make it a popular destination.

It is impossible to visit all the islands, adding up to 227. Choosing the best islands to visit is tricky, especially if you have not visited Greece before.

A top 10 list is never thorough, and you can only find your particular Paradise via trial and error. We highlight 10 of the top islands to visit in Greece as a starting point for classic Greek vacations in this post.


If you plan to visit Greece’s islands only once, then it should be Santorini. Santorini was a big island that was then shrunk to a smaller island due to a volcanic eruption. It gives an amazing view of volcanoes with breathtaking sunsets.

The most important thing you must do when visiting Santorini is go sailing and enjoy the views from some of the amazing hotels on the island.

santorini, greece,
Santorini views just before sunset


If you crave fun, Mykonos must be the island on your list. It has the most amazing restaurants with live entertainment venues. Mykonos is well-known for its beach clubs on Paradise and adjoining Super Paradise beaches.

The Elia Mykonos Resort, located on the island’s longest beach, features a great oceanfront restaurant that serves local dishes next to the sandy coastline on a covered patio.

luxury hotel in Mykonos
Luxury Hotel – Mykonos


Crete is a go if you’re looking to explore some culture. It is the second-largest island in Greece, and one day isn’t enough to explore it. You need several days to explore it fully.

As soon as you arrive, go to Seitan Limania Beach to have real fun.

The antiquities of Chania’s picturesque Old Town illustrate the island’s rich heritage: Byzantine ramparts, the Venetian harbour, Turkish hammams, and an Ottoman-era mosque.

crete, monastery, arkadi
Monastery of Arkadi – Crete

Rhodes Island

Rhodes was once home to the seven wonders of the world, the Colossus. It is known to be Greece’s first-holiday destination.

It is distinguished by the beautiful Medieval old town, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many things to do on Rhodes Island.

If you visit Rhodes, we suggest you visit the Acropolis of Lindos, walk down the vintage streets of the town and explore the great palace of the Grandmaster.

Rhodes Old Town
Rhodes Old Town


Corfu is situated on the western side of Greece and is far from most of the islands we have listed here. It is a destination that most tourists skip because of the route; Corfu is amazing.

It is a big island with many things to explore. If you visit Corfu, don’t forget to visit Cape Drastic.

The historic town, complete with two castles, is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, and the environment is among the nicest on any Greek island.

Corfu - Porto Timoni Beach
Corfu – Porto Timoni Beach


Serifos is a mountainous island that is yet to be developed. If you are a fan of local experience, then give Serifos a go.

It is worth a shot because these local experiences aren’t available on the other popular islands. If you explore Serifos, see the pristine sands at Psili Ammos Beach, Kastro, and Metalleio in Livadi.

Serifos - Wind Mills
Serifos – Wind Mills


Due to its good ferry connections, it is probably the most typical of the Greek islands and a suitable base for island hopping in the Cyclades.

The beaches, entertainment, and accommodation options are above average, and many visitors return year after year.

The capital and port of Paros are Parikia, with its charming ancient town, although most of the nightlife is located in picturesque Naousa.

Paros Island greece
Paros alleys

Regular international windsurfing events are conducted at the busy Chrysi Akti beach. Still, if all you want to do is relax and enjoy the turquoise waves, you can easily locate peaceful and remote beaches.

If you want a truly relaxing vacation, Antiparos, a little and alternative neighbour just minutes away by local boat, is the place to go.

Lefkada Island

Lefkada island is the untouched island of Greece, which is a great destination to relax due to its pleasant and fresh weather.

You can explore the true culture in their villages, such as Vassiliki and Agios Nikitas. You can try the local food in different restaurants situated in these villages.

You can try many things in different restaurants on Lefkada island, such as Savor and Bourdeto. Another unique thing about this island is that it is worth hiking.

So if you want to experience a nice hiking experience on a local and untouched beach, then Lefkada Island is a must!

Porto Katsiki Beach Lefkada
Lefkada – Porto Katsiki


Navagio beach is a popular destination to visit on Zakynthos Island. The navagio beach is famous for its clear water, and boats are the only way to reach navagio. The navagio beach is also called Wreck beach because of the wrecked ship present at the beach.

You may go to the magnificent Islet of Marathonissi, located in Laganas Bay. Because of its turtle-like form, it is also known as ‘Turtle Island.’ This islet is uninhabited and can only be accessed by speedboat.

The Porto Limnionas bay near Agios Leon is nothing short of a paradise. It’s a breathtakingly lovely bay tucked between the rocks. It is a wonderful location for swimming and diving due to its calm, clear blue seas.

Navagio Beach Zakynthos
Zakynthos – Navagio Beach


Elafonisos is a little island southwest of the renowned Crete Island. This island is only 7.7 square miles in size. Elafonisi Island’s primary appeal is its beautiful beaches with lovely blue seas.

The most well-known beach is Simos, located in the island’s south. It boasts quiet, clean water and a stunning golden sand beach.

Other magnificent beaches on the island include Lefki, Kologeras, Kontogoni, and Sarakiniko. There are several camping areas on the island.

Elafonisos Simos Beach
Elafonisos – Simos Beach

Top 10 Greek Islands To Visit: Conclusion

Greece is a popular destination, and tourists mainly visit it to explore its islands. Each island has its own unique distinctive characteristics.

It is impossible to visit them all in one go.  We hope that our shortlisting of islands has helped you decide which one to visit if you’ve never been to Greece and plan to visit it sometime soon.

Have you visited any of these breathtaking places in Greece?

We would love to read all about your experiences, so feel free to leave us your comments below.

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