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Top 10 Places to Visit in Antarctica

Antarctica is becoming a tourist attraction rapidly for the tourists who crave adventure and want to see places which are not visible everywhere.

Antarctica, located on the south side of the world, offers scenery such as snow-covered landscape, which is simply breathtaking. If you’re a passionate traveler and you’re looking for top places to visit in Antarctica, here are our recommendations for you:

Visit the South Shetland Islands

South Shetland is one of Antarctica’s most popular and famous attractions, located 160km from the Antarctica peninsula. The Islands are covered with white snow and present simply breathtaking scenery. Elephants and penguins inhabit the rocky coastlines of the islands, and you can get the chance to interact with them.

Atlantic Puffins on Shetland Islands

Research stations of different countries are located on King George Island. One of the most famous islands in South Shetland Island is Deception Island, famous for its collapsed volcano.

Visit Antarctic Peninsula

The Antarctic Peninsula, which protrudes from Antarctica, is the most accessible region of the continent and marginally less sterile than the rest. It is still an immensely wild region, made mostly of snow and ice, yet a wealth of species makes a home in this frozen terrain.

Antarctic Peninsula Cruises

Expedition cruisers will navigate their way through gigantic icebergs in the hopes of finding giant lumbering seals and vast penguin populations not far from the coast. The environment is dominated by jagged mountain peaks and towering glaciers, while out at sea, there are fantastic chances to see minke, killer, and humpback whales up close.

Visit Falkland Islands

This island is famous for the biodiversity of different species and thus one of the popular tourist destinations. When you are on Falkland island, it seems that you’re roaming around in Britain because its architecture resembles that of the UK.

flock of black and white birds on beach shore during daytime
Penguins breeding on the coastline

Falkland is the place for birds nesting, so you can have a great time exploring them. Visitors may see giant albatrosses floating above and four different types of penguins breeding on the coastline. Meet folks who live on the island of Port Stanley and learn about their lifestyles and traditions. Tour through Port Stanley, home to a wide variety of fish, chip chop, and red phone boxes.

Visit South Georgia Island

The South Georgia Island of Antarctica is also known as Alp in the mid-ocean because of its mountains rising steeply above the ground. The grassland, glaciers, and landscape give a scenery that can’t be put into words.

It is among the most popular tourist destinations because of the beaches covered with penguins and seals. The picturesque ruins of whaling stations, as well as the artefacts, make this a must-see destination.

Visit Science Research Station

As Antarctica is the most remote place in the world, there is a lot of research going on it, and if you are in Antarctica, you can visit a few of them and the most popular among them is Vernadsky Research station. The Ukrainian base located here has an interesting history; it was first a British station and then transferred to Ukraine.

Rothera Research Station – the largest British Antarctic facility. Image source: wiki commons | CC BY-SA 3.0,

This place is where a hole in the Ozone layer was discovered, and now this station is open for visitors. Visiting scientific research is undoubtedly a wonderful experience, especially if you’re into it.

Lemaire Channel

A journey to Antarctica would be completed without a cruise through the breathtaking Lemaire Channel. The region above the ocean is dominated by glaciers, icebergs, and high cliffs. Humpback whales and behemoths live under these magnificent constructions.

whale in body of water

Keep an eye out for orcas on your journey to this beautiful location. The canal is extremely dangerous, being 1600m narrow and teeming with loose icebergs. The environment is a photographer’s paradise, offering a beautiful mirror perspective that is almost surreal.

Explore the Tallest Mountain of Antarctica

If you are a traveller with climbing experience, you might know about the Mount Vinson of Antarctica, which is among the most difficult mountains to explore. Climbing this giant mountain isn’t everyone’s game, and even the most professional climbers require months of training to summit it.

snow covered mountain during daytime

It is almost 5000m high above sea level, and climbing this mountain takes two weeks to summit it if the weather and your body allow it. If you’ve no experience in climbing, then don’t even think about climbing this mountain. You can enjoy its scenery from some low-height mountains.

Cross the Drake Passage

You can reach Antarctica by cruise by the drake passage, which is famous as one of the most dangerous seas in the world. There are heavy storms along the way and lethal ocean waves, which can be life-threatening sometimes, but now the drake passage is not as dangerous as it used to be.

Icebergs seen in the Drake Passage on one of the extremely rare beautiful days in this region. Image source: W. Bulach, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The ships and radar system have been improved to make this route a bit safe, and many adventurous travellers take this route as it is worth the adventure in the end as it costs both your money and nerves.

Visit Deception Island

Deception Island, one of the greatest spots in Antarctica, lives up to its name. There’s a lot more to this island than meets the eye. The island is a caldera of an active volcano, with warmer waters than the rest of the continent, making it an ideal location for a polar dive.

Deception Island – View of the remains of the former British whaling station on Whalers Bay. Image source: W. Bulach, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

From ancient whale carcasses to decaying houses and rusted oil drums to black volcanic sand beaches, the island is frequently considered one of Antarctica’s most eerie sights. This island also has the only thermal spa in all of Antarctica, owing to the volcanic activity beneath the surface here.

Visit Port Lockroy

It is a harbour located on Wiencke island and of the popular places to visit. It was originally used for whaling, but during the 2nd world war, it was used as a military base.

Gentoo Penguins nest on Goudier Island amid the buildings of British Base A, a restored research station that is now a museum. Image source: Liam Quinn from Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This harbour also has research stations which you can visit. It also has a museum which you can visit. The majority of its part is now closed for the penguins.

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