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Top 10 Places to Visit in Australia

Australia, located between the Indian and the Pacific Oceans, is one of the popular tourist destinations. Australia is so vast that it is impossible to explore it in a single visit fully. There are many activities in Australia, such as sunbathing on the beaches, enjoying the nightlife, and discovering their unique culture.

There are so many tourist destinations in Australia to explore, but usually, the time is limited, so we have shortlisted a list of the top 10 places to visit in Australia.

Great Barrier Reef

The great barrier reef is one of the most famous tourist destinations because it is among the world’s seven wonders. You can’t leave this place when visiting Australia. The great barrier reef is simply a heaven for divers.

person in black goggles and black goggles under water
Scuba Diving in the Reef

Scuba divers and snorkellers visit this place every day to experience their dream. If you’re not among them, it simply doesn’t matter, and you can have an underwater experience by booking liveaboard dive. If underwater dives are not your thing, you can experience this wonder of the world from a helicopter which is simply fascinating to imagine.


The vistas in Australia’s red core are truly breathtaking, especially when admiring Uluru, the big sandstone rock. You may travel directly from Sydney, Darwin, or Cairns, and the airport is only a few kilometres north of Uluru. When you see it in person, it’s simple to see why Uluru has become such a major icon of local Indigenous culture and Australian culture.

Uluru monolith Australia tourist destinations
Uluru monolith

The local Anangu people will tell you stories about Uluru’s spiritual importance, and you’ll quickly realize why climbing Uluru, which was eventually forbidden in 2019, is a big no-no. Walking around the base and appreciating it from a distance is still awe-inspiring.

Gold Coast

Gold coast, located in the south of Brisbane, is one of the most popular tourist destinations because of its strong sun and sea. The capital of the gold coast has a lot of entertainment to offer, such as it has some big shopping malls, luxury restaurants, and accommodations. You can enjoy several fancy things here.

people on beach near high rise buildings during daytime
Gold Coast – Brisbane

You can visit their beaches and sunbathe, swim or boat in the water parks.


Melbourne is one of the most lively cities in Australia, and if you’re tired of beaches and looking to enjoy the nightlife, then you must head to Melbourne. The places worth visiting are Queen Victoria Market, The Arcades and Secret Lanes, Eureka Square, Federation Skydeck, and Graffiti Lane.

white bridge across city buildings
The Princes Bridge

A visit to Australia is quite boring without a visit to Melbourne. Melbourne is not among the oldest cities in the world with rich culture and history, but when you visit this city there are many hidden secrets that you will discover, and we suggest spending some days in this lively city.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is located in South Australia. You can have a wildlife experience here because it is a haven for kangaroos and seals, and you can interact with them but be careful with kangaroos, and they become wild sometimes. There is also a Birds of Prey rehabilitation centre where you may attend a display and learn about the continent’s endemic birds.

brown and black short coated dog on green grass field during daytime
Kangaroo Island

The landscape is mesmerizing. Here you can watch sunsets, and on kangaroo island, you can visit the beach, which is among the most popular beaches and thus a famous tourist attraction.


Kakadu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of Australia’s most spectacular national parks. The park’s outskirts are around a two-hour drive from Darwin, and it rests on Mungguy’s traditional territory. Kakadu is best visited by automobile at your speed. It’s Australia’s largest national park, so you’ll need some time to explore it.

Kakadu National Park

Take a look at the 200-meter Jim Jim Falls waterfall; swim in Gunlom, the crystal-clear infinity rock pool made famous in Crocodile Dundee; hike through the 30-odd walking trails that crisscross Kakadu; or take your 4WD to the park’s crown, Jarrangbarnmi.

Sapphire Coast

This tranquil area of the state on the edge of Green Cape, located roughly 500 kilometers from metropolitan Sydney on New South Wales’ south-eastern border, is somewhat of a hidden treasure, off the radar of major tourists.

Sapphire coast isn’t easy to reach, and that is the fact that it is undisturbed, but reaching here as a tourist isn’t easy. If you try to reach here, you get the reward of unspoiled nature running along the sea.

photography of rock formation on body of water
Sapphire Coast

Expect delectable fish collected off the Eden docks, cheeses galore from Bega and Tilba’s famed dairies, cattle and lamb produced on the grassy slopes near Pambula, and, of course, the region’s most popular export, luscious Sydney rock oysters reared in some of the country’s most productive estuaries.

Launceston, Tasmania

In recent years the city has grown from a remote place to a place rich in culture and some amazing food. It became one of the famous tourist destinations when UNESCO recognized it as the UNESCO City of Gastronomy.


Launceston and its surrounding region are teeming with wineries, artists, chefs, distillers, and craft producers. Paddock-to-plate culture in the city, with the fertile land and sea on its outskirts offering the flavours and sensations that have come to characterize the northern Tasmanian metropolis. Taste the region’s innovative cuisine initiatives, including unique cellar doors, sustainable eateries, epicurean restaurants, and bustling café culture.

Karijini National Park

It is the 2nd largest national park in Western Australia, and as it is located around the Hamersley Ranges, it is mountainous and is home to some mesmerizing waterfalls. Above its landscape are three peaks, making it a perfect spot for hiking. A succession of secret water holes and dazzling waterfalls punctuate its semi-arid environment.

brown rocky mountain beside river under blue sky during daytime
Karijini National Park

Besides offering beautiful scenery, the Karijini National Park is home to almost 800 plant species and wildlife. While exploring this region, you can interact with some wildlife species, such as the red kangaroo.


Everyone knows that Sydney packs a powerful punch for breathtaking sights and engaging activities. She’s also a gorgeous city with aesthetically stunning landmarks – including two of the world’s most famous monuments, the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge – and sparkling harbours broken only by island sanctuaries.

Opera House, Sydney Australia
Sydney Opera House

If you come for the stunning beaches, we recommend staying for the restaurants, culture, and nice attitudes (but also the beaches).

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